The concept of I Built It is to give to everyone who is interested, the ability to create in miniature, highly detailed, technically accurate and aesthetically pleasing models  without having to invest vast sums in modelling tools and equipment or expose oneself to the hazards of tools, paints and glues. At I Built It , we put a lot of effort/work to ensure all our model kits are designed for a pleasurable build  while still presenting a sufficient challenge to builders of different skill levels. Precision fabrication ensures all our parts friction fit together without needing a drop of glue. All our kits come pre-painted using safe to handle paints. Intricate detailing and working mechanisms are designed to provide the builder with hours of fun. Thus with an I Built It kit, we are proud to say, "Made by us, built by you!"

I BUILT IT is a design and manufacturing firm with a product portfolio that includes proprietary educational Models. The products we design are flat packed and have interlocking mechanisms that allow the end user to easily assemble the product themselves, hence the name I BUILT IT